Yin/Yang balances the energetic flow in the body. Yang includes poses to strengthen and warm up the body and to focus the mind. Yang is followed by a sequence of restorative and meditative yin poses. Yin works on the level of the connective tissues and by holding these poses for a few minutes can produce a feeling of calmness and wellbeing.


Vinyasa is a dynamic form of yoga that focuses on alignment and moving with the breath. Vinyasa can increase strength and mobility. Classes incorporate poses, breathing techniques and guided meditation. There are many poses in yoga and a vinyasa class may look different each time depending on the type of poses that are practiced.

Private Session

Depending on your personal needs and goals a private session allows you to dive deeper into yoga practice. It can be anything from working on poses, alignment and breathing techniques, to meditation and learning more about the philosophy and theory of yoga. The first session is a consultation where we discuss your interests and what I can do for you. The time and location varies depending on availability. Contact me to get started!

Business yoga

For any business that is looking to incorporate yoga at work. Yoga can be used to increase focus and attention, as well as offering a gentle reminder to take a few deep breaths. Contact me for more details on what I can offer your business.